Bingo Players Love the New Bingo Hall at the Tropicana Laughlin

bingo balls

Having just completely remodelled their Bingo Hall, it appears that players over at the Tropicana Casino in Laughlin are loving it, with all sessions proving to be packed with players, each of whom are eager to win one of the cash prizes on offer.

The bingo hall has been divided up into both a non-smoking area and a smoking area, however in an added twist and one that non-smokers will appreciate, those that do decide to light up and have a cigarette are only permitted to do so once the bingo games start.

Unlike some other bingo halls in and around the area, the bingo tickets are double daub ones, which makes an interesting change to the standard bingo tickets used at other venues.

A range of different playing patterns are played for each session, so whilst that does add an extra twist to the bingo playing experience, players do need to concentrate to ensure they do not miss out on forming one of the winning patterns.

Those patterns include a standard two line one, along with an ironing board, lucky 7, hour glass and the most complicated one to keep track of being the starburst pattern.

For those players at the Tropicana Bingo hall that would prefer something of a laid back bingo playing session, electronic units can also be hired as opposed to playing on paper tickets, and free soft drinks and hot beverages are free flowing, too.

Those preferring an alcoholic drink should wait until the bingo session actually begins as that is usually when the cocktail waitress will make an appearance.

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