Blackpool May Finally Get a Super Casino

blackpool tower and ferris wheel

Blackpool did put in a bid to become the first town in the UK to have a Super or Mega Casino way back in 2007, however, the bustling North West UK seaside town that has millions of visitors each year missed out and their bid was rejected.

Fortunately, Blackpool is to be given another chance of opening such a venue, for talks have just commenced between the Government and local council bosses, in the hope that approval will be given for a huge and sprawling new casino venue in that town.

There are of course lot of hurdles to be jumped before the green light is given, if at all, but the local council are convinced this second proposal does have merit and is going to regenerate the town and will secure a great many jobs for local people, too.

No decision has been made however at this very early stage, as to just which company will win the contract to run the proposed new Super Casino in Blackpool, but what has been suggested and will be a major requirement of any casino operator that does bid for the contract to run the new Super Casino is that they will have to sign up to a Social Wealth Fund as part of their bid.

That wealth fund will see the operator committing funds that will be used to help the local community and a range of additional non gambling activities, which will help Blackpool become the one great seaside resort that it once was.

Blackpool is already served by much smaller casinos currently, and there is, of course, an abundance of amusement arcades up and down its famous Golden Mile, which does somewhat prove there is already a huge market place for a Super Casino in the town, and there will be no shortage of people wishing to visit and gamble at such a venue.

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