Boyd Gaming Consider Remodelling the Fremont Casino

The Fremont Casino is packing in the crowds currently, so much so the owners of the casino are looking at remodelling the hotel attached to that casino, which boasts near full capacity each night of the week.

With gaming revenues so far declared this year for the Fremont Casino, and across the board at all other Boyd Gaming properties who by the way own that very well-established casino, they do have plenty of cash reserves to give the hotel a major makeover.

In fact, Boyd Gaming have had a small piece of land at the back of the property that they are considering using to increase the number of rooms they offer customers.

The secret to the success of that casino, is that is it marketed to the cost-conscious Vegas visitor, and that has been a business model that has always ensured they do pack in the crowds throughout the year.

They do of course face some increased competition shortly, with the soon to be opened Circa Hotel Casino, and that is something that will be on their minds.

The Downtown Grand Casino is also putting the finishing touches to their new hotel tower, which will increase that casinos capacity for guests too.

However, Boyd Gaming do know what gamblers look for, and that is high RTP’s on the slot machines and video poker machines they play, a generous players club and keeping their room rates as low as possible.

It will be interesting to see how and when Boyd Gaming do decide to give the Fremont Casino a makeover, for the only way a casino in Vegas can survive is by staying one step ahead of their rivals and keeping customers coming through their doors.

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