Caesars Palace Save the Day for UK Couples Wedding

Wedding sunny weather and beautiful couple

It can be a very stressful time when you are planning your own wedding, however a British couple who had been planning their big day for quite some time had left nothing to chance and had spent a small fortune, and quite a lot of time too ensuring their wedding in Las Vegas would go as planned.

To ensure that they didn’t spend more money than they needed to shell out for their big day they planned everything themselves and had plenty of guests who were also going to travel with them over the Vegas to watch them getting married.

However, like a bolt out of the blue, their big day looked doomed to failure for the airline they had chosen to take them and their guests to Sin City, that being Thomas Cook, went bust just days before their big day, and whilst every other part of their big day had been planned there was no way they could afford to fork out for new replacement flights.

That is when that couple, Sharon Cook and Andrew Aitchison, who are both from Liverpool in the UK, decided to get in touch with the venue that had been booked to host their wedding ceremony and see if they could help them out, and that venue was the huge and sprawling Caesars Palace Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Well, it didn’t take long for the casino management team to decide to help the couple, and they did go that extra mile to ensure their wedding would go ahead.

Caesars Palace booked flights on a Delta Airlines flight for them both and all their guests, they also laid on limousines to pick them all up from McCarran Airport and upgraded their hotel rooms to suites, too.

Not only that but they also arranged for Rod Stewart who is the resident star performing at Caesars Palace to surprise them and serenade them during their wedding ceremony!

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