Cannery Casino Rammed by Irate Customer


There is, of course, always something happening in Las Vegas. However, customers and staff were not prepared for the incident that occurred a couple of days ago over at the Cannery Casino.

It all started when Jennifer Stitt was asked to leave the casino and being rather upset at being told to leave, she then made her way into the parking lot, jumped into her motorhome and proceeded to drive it into the front doors of the casino.

However, stood in her way was another customer of the casino, who has not been identified, but is a 66 year old man, when he saw her approaching he shouted a warning, which she chose to ignore which resulted in him being knocked over seconds before she then rammed the doors of the casino.

Security personnel were quick to react and pulled her out of the vehicle and police were called, who then arrested her and carted her off to jail.

She is expected to be charged with attempted murder amongst other things, but from reports from the scene she didn’t seem overly concerned about her actions, and still is adamant the casino employees had no reason to throw her out of the casino.

The man she ran over is currently in hospital and whilst injured he is expected to make a full recovery. A considerable amount of damage was caused to their front entrance of the casino, however that was quickly repaired, and the casino remains open to visitors.

The Cannery Casino is a popular casino in Vegas with locals, with a huge 72,000 square foot gaming floor and a very good mix of card and table games and plenty of slots and video poker machines, it can also be a busy casino at times so it was fortunate that there were not more people in the way of her motorhome.

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