Card Counting at Blackjack Still Possible Online


Blackjack is one of those very low house edge games that ensures that as soon as a player gets a good grounding of the basic rules of playing, they can have hours of fun and winning opportunities when playing it.

There are, of course, a plethora of different variants that players will come across when playing in any playing environment.

It is those games that have the worst payouts, playing rules and often a range of different side bets that players will be best advised to steer clear of playing, for the house edges on those games can be very high.

It has been found that when it comes to counting cards when playing Blackjack, there is no way in the world that a player can do so when playing against software driven Blackjack games that use random number generators to determine their outcome.

But, as most casinos now have live dealer Blackjack games, then there is the possibility for skilled players that have mastered the very fine art of card counting to gain an advantage, when the cards remaining in the deck are in their favour.

Players must though, keep in mind that all casinos will have their own laws and regulations in place regarding card counting, and it is always the individual casinos prerogative to determine whether they want card counters in their venues or not.

However, the savviest card counters are always going to stay under the radar so to speak, and will play in a way that it is difficult for a dealer or pit boss to determine whether they are card counting or not, and of course when playing online there is an increased likelihood of a player getting away with doing so.

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