Casino Ajax to Remain in its Current Location

Casino Ajax To Stay

There are some weird and wonderful laws surrounding land based casinos in some countries of the world, and there can also be many different laws too in different, states, counties and provinces of the exact same countries.

However, over in Ontario there was something of a debate going on recently, as to whether two casinos would be allowed to stay, one in its current location and the other in its planned location, or whether one of them would be forced to relocate.

It would appear that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp had been asked to intervene and determine whether the Casino Ajax at Ajax Downs would be permitted to stay in its current location due to the fact that just 7 kilometres away a brand new mega casino has been planned.

It has though been decided that both casinos will be allowed to stay, one being currently in operation and the planned one in their current locations, as it has been deemed that they will be catering for a different type of gambler at each of those two venues.

The Casino Ajax caters for slot players and there are some 500 slot machines in that venue, whilst the planned new mega casino is going to have 1000 table games, 2700 slots and will be a much more resort based venue with its own hotel.

Let’s face it though, whenever there are two or more casinos very close together that does mean punters are often going to be offered many additional promotional offers, often at the smaller casino or casinos, as they are ever eager to draw in gamblers away from the much bagger casinos.

Then there is tax revenue of course, two casinos are always going to generate more tax that one single casino and that possibly had some bearing on the decision.

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