Casino Cheats Advised to Steer Clear of the Encore Boston Casino

CCTV Camera or surveillance technology on screen display

History has proven time and time again, that as soon as a brand-new land-based casino opens, an increased number of casino cheats will descend on that venue as soon as its doors swing open for the very first time.

That is something which the Everett Police Department are aware of and have issued a warning for any would be casino cheats, criminals and anybody else planning on defrauding the new Encore Boston Casino, to steer well clear of the property.

The local Police Chief has stated that there is going to be three levels of security professionals on duty as soon as that casino does open its doors for the very first time this Sunday, and they are confident that anybody cheating will soon be discovered.

With a highly advanced CCTV system in place in the casino the table games and gaming machines are going to be monitored at all times, and despite fears that casino cheats will be operating in the sure to be busy casino on opening day, that system along with undercover officers on duty on the gaming floor, any ne’er-do wells will soon be caught.

The nearby MGM Springfield Casino did experience slightly higher levels of crime when it opened, however the Police Chief is certain that the experience they gained when that casino opened stands them in very good stead for any potential incidents when the Boston Encore Casino opens.

As for the types of crime that have been committed in and around the MGM Springfield since it opened, well there have been some 32 drug related cases reported, 85 assaults, stealing and robbery related incidents number 70 and there were some 11-gun related incidents too.

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