Casino Con Artist Jailed for Free Bet Voucher Scam

man in prison

Casino Dealers, Croupiers, Cashiers and Pit Bosses must always be on their toes when it comes to ensuring the casino that they work for isn’t getting ripped off by con artists, and these days they do face an ongoing battle to do just that.

With many fraudsters getting more and more advanced regarding the way that they can and do rip off casinos, it is often the case that such scams only come to light long after the scam has been committed, and that is something that the SLS Casino recently found out to their cost.

However, it wasn’t a highly advanced scam that Yisahk Betremariam, a 37-year-old Vegas local, had managed to pull off at that casino, it was a rather basic one that most casino employees should have been able to spot quite easily.

What he did was to glue two vouchers together that allowed him to place a $500 free bet on the Craps table at that casino.

It appears that he had initially tried to use a friends $500 free Craps bet voucher on the Craps table, however the floor supervisor spotted that the voucher wasn’t his and as such refused to accept it.

Betremariam then left the casino and returned later in the day and presented a $500 free bet voucher to the table staff, which was in his name, and as such they allowed him to use that voucher, which he did and his bet turned out to be a winning one. As such he was paid out his winnings.

When it came to verifying the voucher into the casino system later in the day, the system rejected the voucher, and upon closer inspection it turned out that he had glued part of a free buffet voucher over the top of the free bet voucher, which was why it looked like it was his free bet voucher to redeem.

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