Casino Dealer Schools Thriving in Japan


With the recent scandal surrounding the introduction of casino gambling over in Japan, it is looking likely that the one time very warmly embraced idea of having land-based casinos in that country by the general public is beginning to wane.

It had been expected that the proposed idea of allowing land-based casinos in Japan would see the powers that being putting together a very highly regulated playing environment and gambling landscape, but with many people now being implicated in that scandal, people are beginning to have second thoughts on whether it should be an industry that is allowed to flourish.

However, one way or another casinos will eventually be allowed to open in Japan, and that has led to small number of Casino Dealer training schools opening in cities across Japan, at which anyone wishing to work in a casino can master the art of being a Dealer or Croupier.

Whilst those wishing to sign up to a training course at those schools are going to have to pay some hefty tuition fees, the rewards will eventually be there for the taking, due to the salaries that are expected to be offered to employees of those yet to open casinos.

The tuition fees at some of those Dealer training schools are huge, on average costing around $14,000, however with the average wage for a manual worker in Japan being low, and with Casino Dealers expected to earn three times the average wage, many people are convinced that the tuition fees are a worthwhile investment, and are signing up to those courses.

But it will be a gamble, for whilst most commentators are convinced casino gambling will soon become a reality in Japan, many others are convinced that the Government may completely drop the idea, and sooner rather than later.

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