Casinos Continuing to Tighten Their Blackjack Pay-Outs


It’s bad enough that many casino visitors are having to pay parking fees and resort fees when staying at casino-resorts these days, without them also having to contend with low paying casino games.

However, sadly it does appear that in their apparent never-ending aim to suck every penny out of gamblers, more and more land-based casinos are choosing to reduce the pay-outs and paybacks on many of their popular casino games.

Slot players have always known that the RTP’s of the slot machines they can play in most land based casinos are often treated as top secret, and they will often develop a skill or sixth sense for sussing out just which slot machines have been set with much higher long term expected pay-out percentages.

But when it comes to Blackjack games, well there are lots of ways that some casinos are now adopting to increase the house edges on those games to ensure they earn as much money from those types of card games as they possibly can do.

One of the most obvious ways that any land-based casino can lower the paybacks offered to Blackjack players is by reducing the pay-out for a winning players Blackjack hand, that being any Ace card and a valued card.

The once industry standard winning pay-out for such a hand was a 3 to 2 pay-out, however many casinos have now lowered that down to a pay-out worth just 6 to 5.

Another much more discreet way that a casino operator can increase the house edge on their Blackjack games is to increase the number of decks of playing cards in the shoe, or even offer a range of side bets which come with huge house edges.

All Blackjack players need to be aware of each of those tricks of the trade and vote with their feet and stick to playing only at those casinos that do offer the fairest Blackjack games with the lowest possible house edges.

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