Casinos in New York City is Only a Matter of Time

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New York City could soon be the home of up to three brand new land based casinos, if state officials warm to the idea, and it does now look like many of them are beginning to. The possibility of having several new tax generating income streams coming in from such venues looks as though it is proving to an attractive prospect.

With literally hundreds of millions of dollars that could be flowing the way of the state coffers if the green light is given for new casinos in New York City, there are of course no shortage of companies that operate such venues across the USA eager to open casinos there.

In fact, a delegation has recently met with such officials and Carl E Heastie who is the Assembly Speaker in Albany is eager to see casinos being allowed to operate in New York City as that will also ensure plenty of jobs for the area.

Those jobs are desperately needed, for you only have to look at the recent turn of events in which Amazon are no longer interested in opening a huge distribution centre in Queens to see how their decision to not go ahead with that centre has negatively impacted the ongoing prosperity of the surrounding area.

It has also been suggested that with the new income streams that the state can tap into from casinos, that money could be put to very good use on the subway system which is desperately in need or a major overhaul.

Proposals already being discussed with both the Yonkers Raceway and the Aqueduct Raceway being given a major remodel to make them into fully fledged casinos rather than just “racinos” which will not necessarily require a huge financial investment to achieve, but would more or less instantly increase the number of jobs in the area and, of course, increase the tax revenues raised.

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