Debate Raging on Where the New Chicago Casino Should be Built

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It is only going to be a matter of time now until Chicago gets a brand-new land-based casino, however there is a debate now raging as to just which location would be the most beneficial one for that casino to be built.

Many people are of the mind that the Downtown area of Chicago would be the ideal place to build such a venue, as the knock-on effect in regard to local business would be huge if it was decided to build the casino Downtown.

However, many people living there are not too happy at the thought of a casino being built on their doorstep, but it does have to be said that there are several other locations also being considered too, any of which could be finally chosen as the ideal place to build the casino.

Many people are showing support for the idea that the old South Works Steel Mill site would be the best location to build the casino, for by clearing the land and making it safe there could be an increase in other businesses moving nearby, and that will help regenerate that area.

One other venue that could be the one chosen to house the new Chicago casino is at Medway Airport, however there are concerns that whilst the infrastructure is there to move lots of people into and out of that part of Chicago, there could be and probably will be a massive increase in traffic to and from the airport in addition to and from the casino, which could cause problems.

It will, however, be a matter for the powers that be to decide just where to build that massive new casino which is planned to have some 4000 slot machines and a huge number of gaming tables on its gaming floor.

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