Double Casino Robberies in Laughlin Leads to Death of Suspect

crime scene tape with red and blue lights on the background

The sleepy casino town Laughlin is best famed for many things, including its stunning location, set alongside the banks of the Colorado River. It also boasts very low, and in some instances non-existent casino resort fees, and has a number of very laid back and elderly visitors.

However, that all changed in the early hours of Monday morning, when someone tried to hold up the casino cage at the Golden Nugget Casino, but the cashier refused to hand over any cash and refused to comply with the gunman’s demands, and as such he fled the scene empty-handed and on foot.

Police were called and were in the area when another report came in, this time for a hold up at the Aquarius Casino. It is worth noting that in the early hours of the morning at all Laughlin Casinos there are rarely more than a handful of gamblers inside any casino, so someone holding up a casino cage would very quickly be spotted, which in this case the armed robber was spotted by the security team on duty.

They followed him to his vehicle in the parking lot, where he fired a shot at one officer who was not injured, and police and SWAT teams quickly descended on the area, having been just up the road at the Golden Nugget Casino attending to that failed armed robbery.

Having surrounded his vehicle and being unable to escape police then attempted to get him to lay down his gun and get out of the car and surrender.

After several hours of failed negotiations, the suspect got out of his car, gun in hand, and made the mistake of raising the gun towards police officers, they opened fire at him killing him instantly.

Thankfully, due to the time of the robbery, most visitors to the Aquarius Casino slept through the entire incident and were blissfully unaware when they awoke that a robbery and shooting had taken place.

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