Dr Wild and the Eye of Dead Slot

Dr Wild Eye Of Dead

There really have been some cracking slot machines launched online recently, and whilst I know there are literally thousands of individual slots you can play these days, one that should be high up on your lists of slots to play is the Dr Wild and the Eye of Dead slot.

If you haven’t yet come across that game, then it is time you did, for it is an all action game from Blueprint Gaming that has been designed with players in mind, and always delivers those rollercoaster type gaming sessions that we all know and love.

I will give you an overview of just how that slot has been designed and put together below, and one thing worth knowing that if you do like the sound of it but would prefer to test it out before playing it for real money, then a demo mode version of it is readily available at many of my featured and approved casino sites, showcased throughout this website.

Structure of the Slot

Let me now run through the basic design of this new slot and begin by telling you that it is a five video reel slot machine and spread over those five reels are 10 pay lines.

Those pay lines are fixed lines, which means that you are required to play it with all of them activated, and to make that cost effective for all players bankrolls, the stakes per spin can be configured to suit your bankroll.

Low rollers will be pleased to learn the minimum cost per spin is just 0.10, however all you high rollers out there will be interested to learn that you can play it for stakes that go as high as 100.00 per spin.

As this game is universally available at many casino sites, it is a multi-currency game too, meaning that you can play it in the currency that you have set your casino account to operate in.


If you have ever had the pleasure of playing slot machines online before that have been designed and launched by Blueprint Gaming then you will of course know they all come with their own unique themes and sound effects too.

A quick glimpse at the Dr Wild and the Eye of Dead slot will reveal to you that it is an Egyptian themed slot and one that does have its own unique and enveloping sound effects, you can of course choose to mute the sound effects if you so desire but leaving them in place and activated will certainly take your slot playing experience to another level and an enjoyable one for sure.

Risk and Returns

Now, you will of course be more than aware that playing slot machines carried risks and not every session you have no matter where you choose to play them will be a winning one.

This slot has been designed as something of a high variance slot, so be aware that you will never receive a huge number of low valued winning payouts, as is the case over the long term when playing low variance slots.

The upshot of doing away with the frequency at which low valued winning payouts spin in and awarded is that there is always the chance of winning big from one single base game spin or even more excitingly from the bonus game.

The long term expected payout percentage of this slot has been certified as being 96.31%, but as is always the case that is over the long term and as such any single sessions you have play it could of course return a much lower or even higher RTP.

Bonus Game

To trigger the potentially mega paying bonus game you are going to have to spin in three or more of the scatter symbols. There are wild symbols in play on all five video reels of this slot, however they do not and cannot stand in for the scatter symbols.

As long as you do indeed see at the very least three scatter symbols in view anywhere on the base game screen then the bonus game is yours to play off, and that will see you being credited with 12 free spins, which by the way play off at the stake level you were playing this slot for on the triggering base game spin, and all 10 pay lines are of course activated for the duration of that free spins bonus round.

As the bonus free spins are all playing off, what you will be hoping to see are the wild symbols spinning in, which are on all three of the middle reels only.

The wild symbols in both the base game and the bonus round are expanding wilds so when one or more of them do spin in, the reels they appear on are turned into reels containing just wild symbols.

When one wild symbol spins in and expands during the bonus game you are awarded with 1 additional free spin and the lowest valued reel symbol on the onscreen tablet is upgraded to the next highest one as per the pay table.

Should two wild symbols spin in from a single free spins, then three additional free spins are credited to you and the two lowest reel symbols on the tablet are upgraded to the next highest ones, much the same happens when you spin in all three wild symbols, except three symbols displayed on the tablet are upgraded and five free spins are added to your free spins balance.

It is of course during the free spins bonus game that some huge winning payouts can be achieved when playing this slot, so keep that in mind when playing it, and at times that bonus game can trigger quite frequently,

But as is always the case with slot machines, there is no telling in advance how much you will win from a free spins bonus round until you have played off the last free spin, so keep that in mind when playing it online.

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