Ever Wondered Why You Never Hit a Slot Hand Pay?

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Apart from triggering bonus games and bonus features when playing slot machines, there is one thing that any slot player is always going to be eager to do, and that is win a hand pay.

Dependent on where players choose to play slot machines, the value at which a hand pay can be won will vary, however in places such as Las Vegas, a hand pay is awarded when a player’s winnings from one single spin on any slot machines reels is valued at over $1199.

But one thing that many players find extremely annoying is that they never seem to win a jackpot of $1200 or higher in value, but there will always be several reasons why they don’t.

If a player has yet to win a hand pay when playing any type of slot machines then one of the main reasons why that may be the case is that they are playing for too low a stake amount.

The odds, for example, of a player winning a jackpot of over $1199 is going to be tiny if they are simply playing for a total stake of lets says $0.25. A player playing for $10 per spin is much more likely to win a hand pay than a low rolling slot player.

It can also be the types of slots that individuals play that will give them much less of a chance of winning a large valued jackpot. Low to mid variance slots are unlikely to award a player with a huge valued jackpot, and it will be the high variance slots that players will need to play if they are ever to win big, but there are risks associated with playing such slots of course.

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