Firemen Save the Iconic Coral Island Blackpool


The owners of the Coral Island amusement arcade and casino over in Blackpool UK have been singing the praises of their local fire department, for their fast response and the rapid way that they managed to knock out a fire that started in the late evening of Tuesday did save the building from serious damage.

Minutes after the emergency services received a call informing them that flames could be seen lapping the main seafront entrance to that property the first fire engines were on the scene and it didn’t take them long to extinguish the flames lapping up the side and top of the building.

A well-rehearsed operation then swung into action which saw local police and ambulance staff also attending the venue, however thanks to the rapid action of the fire men the fire was soon brought under control, however in total some four fire engines were at the scene for some two hours.

An investigation has been launched into what caused the blaze, however early indications are that it was caused by an electrical fault on the main exterior signage.

In fact, due to the rapid response of the fire service the venue was able to open as usual the very next morning, and being the most popular amusement arcade, which also has a mini casino attached, the venue did see an increase footfall on Wednesday with people turning up to take a look at the damage caused.

The manager of Coral Island has stated that the property is also covered by a very advanced fire detection and sprinkler system and the fire was highly unlike to have spread inside the venue.

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