Fixed Pay-Line Slots Machines No Longer Suited to Low Rollers

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There was a time when low rolling slot machine players could always afford to play any penny slot machines that took their fancy inside a casino, however the next generation of fixed pay line slots and all pays and all ways slots have put an end to that.

The main attraction of slot machines on which players have full control over the number of pay lines they activate and put into play is that they can be set for suitable and affordable stake levels, in fact it was and is possible to play such slots for just one cent per spin.

However, there has been a growing trend in recent years to offer penny slot players a range of slot machines that do not come with player configurable staking options, regarding players being able to alter and adjust the number of lines they send into live play per spin.

As such those players playing all pays, all ways and fixed pay lines slots are faced with being forced to have in play every possible pay line or way to win a slot machine has on offer, which can see some quite high stakes.

Some of the older styled slots which do offer such a play structure allow players to play for stakes as low as just 0.25, however more and more slots with such a playing structure now require a minimum bet of 0.50, 0.75 and many Asia themed slots have minimum stake limits of 0.88.

So anybody out there that does fancy a trip to a land based casino, but who only has a small limited bankroll will be best advised to hunt around to play the older styled video slots rather than playing brand new slot machines on which the pay lines are adjustable and configurable by players.

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