Free Dealer Classes Offered by Southland Gaming & Racing

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For those of you out there who fancy a change of career and have always fancied working in a casino, but may have also been put off doing so as you don’t have the all important work experience required, then one casino has something you may just be interested in.

Over in Arkansas, Southland Gaming & Racing are offering anyone over the age of 21 who would like to learn how to become a casino dealer a set of free of charge dealer lessons that will be run over a six week period.

Those who are interested will be able to attend a dealer school that will be running for four hours a day, four days each week for the next six weeks. The first day of the school will be on February the 11th this year.

To ensure that everybody who does fancy becoming a casino dealer can attend the school based around their current work or home commitments, they are going to be offering both day time and evening lessons, too.

This is not the only casino company offering free dealer lessons, for there does appear to be a shortage of dealers across the U.S. and as such many other casino operators are offering similar schemes in different states.

In fact, the Colorado Belle Casino, over in Laughlin, are offering not only free blackjack dealer lessons but a cash bonus for all those that pass and then go on to get a job at that casino.

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