Gambling Leaders Hold Advertising Summit 

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Senior figures in the UK gambling industry are set to attend a summit this week as the nation’s biggest betting operators attempt to develop a voluntary agreement on advertising.

According to media reports in the UK, the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) is due to host a meeting on Tuesday for senior betting company executives in order to thrash out the details of a new code for advertising, which all RGA members will be obliged to follow.

The summit is an attempt on the part of the betting industry to regain the initiative after a period of several months in which the sector has been under fire from politicians, media figures and the public, with the issue of saturation gambling advertising at the heart of complaints.

It is believed that the main issues on the agenda are the implementation of a watershed for gambling advertising, a restriction to one gambling advert within any commercial break, and a ban on any in-play betting adverts during live sports broadcasts.

It is not yet clear whether the RGA meeting will be able to produce a consensus on advertising practice among its 35 member companies, but a number of senior figures in the gambling sector have already called for a voluntary code as a means of restoring the industry’s reputation.

New protocol

The meeting may also have been prompted by more recent developments, including the decision made by Sky UK earlier this autumn to introduce a stringent new protocol on gambling advertising in 2019. Under the new rules, Sky will only permit one betting or gambling advertisement in each advertising break, across all of its channels. And technology that is likely to be available in 2020 will enable viewers to block all gambling-related marketing on Sky and Virgin Media platforms.

Addressing the challenges facing the industry, the chief executive of gambling giant GVC, said that stakeholders needed to take drastic action in a range of areas, including advertising, social responsibility and education, in order to safeguard the industry’s future.

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