Golden Horns

Golden Horns

It is quite rare these days for an online slot game designed to set about launching a three-reel single pay line slot, however that is something that BetSoft Gaming will be doing next year, and being the company they are that brand new and soon to be released classic slot is certainly going to be one to keep your eyes peeled for.

That new slot is going to be called Golden Horns and it will be launched on January the 14th 2021. With just three reels though and one single pay line it is going to appeal to slot players who much prefer playing those older styled classical slots for sure.

As for whether it will be a slot worthy of your play time and attention, well read on to discover just that, but keep in mind it has been built around a long term expected payout percentage of a high 96.26% and has a maximum jackpot payout worth a cool 25,344 times you staked amount, so it does boast something of a high variance type of playing structure and format.

Golden Horns Slot Review (BetSoft)
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A rare slot is being launched in January 2021 from BetSoft that being this Golden Horns slot, it is a slot machine with just three reels and one single pay line and it’s a rather basic slot in as much as its only feature is a multiplier value that can kick in when three Wild Ox symbols have been spun in on the one single pay line.


Golden Horns Slot Stats






BetSoft Gaming

Max Payout:

25,344 Coins

Min Bet:


Max Bet:








Release Date:

January 2021

Charge of the Wild Ox

The way in which you really could win big when playing the Golden Horns slot game is by you spinning in all three of the Wild symbols, for by doing so you initially are awarded 288 times your stake as a winning payout, but then a random multiplier is awarded to you which could boost the value of that payout by a whopping x88.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol can and will stand in for all other symbols as displayed on the slots pay table and as such whenever it does spin in there is always the chance it will help you form a winning combination, with some luck in playing.

Symbols and Graphics

To be fair to BetSoft Gaming, they have not made this slot overly complicated, and as far as the reel symbol go, well the higher paying ones are the Tree, Fish and Frog symbols along of course with the Wild symbols and the lower paying reel symbols include the Ace, King Queen and Jack symbols.

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