Governor of Virginia About to Legalize Casino Gambling in the State

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For over two years now, law makers in the U.S. State of Virginia have been discussing the pros and cons of allowing land-based casinos to operate in the State.

Whilst the Virginia General Assembly members have heard many people explaining the downside of allowing such venues to operate legally in the State and enlightening them on the risks of crime and an increase in problem gambling, they have also heard from people who think it is about time anyone living in and/or visiting Virginia who is old enough to gamble are allowed to do so within the state boundaries.

The upshot of those long and drawn out deliberations, is that the Virginia General Assembly have agreed that land based casinos should be permitted to operate within the State boundaries and as such they have just passed legalisation to make that a reality.

There is however just one final step to be taken to start the ball rolling, and that is to get the Governor Ralph Northam to sign it into law.

It would be a major shock if he didn’t do so, and as such it is now only going to be a matter of time before casinos are allowed to operate in Virginia, and there are casino operators who do have an eye on opening the very first ones.

Take for example the Pamunkey Tribe, they have had plans in place for quite some time now to build, open and then operate a land-based casino resort in Norfolk, and just need to greenlight to do so.

In fact, they also have drawn up detailed plans to build a casino in Richmond too which they proclaim will help the States financial coffers whilst also employing many thousands of people in the State too.

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