Gross Gambling Yield in UK Shows an Annual Rise of 0.7%

Uk Gambling Yield Increase

The UK certainly does appear to have an ingrained gambling culture, and being a country that has some fairly relaxed gambling laws and regulations, there are certainly plenty of online sites and land based venues for people to gamble at.

In fact, as a report just released by the UK Gambling Commission indicates, revenues in the gambling sector in the UK have been on the increase, for the Gross Gambling Yield in the UK has shown a 0.7% increase in the years to October 2018, which equates to some £13.9billion.

In total there are some 152 land based casinos dotted around Great Britain and some 8,500 betting shops too. However, those betting shops are expected to reduce in number in 2020 when new laws come into place limiting how much their customers can stake on the fixed odds betting terminals, on which they can play a range of casino styled games and slot machines too.

Slot machines are hugely popular with players in the UK and in total there are some 183,928 slot machines licensed in Great Britain and an additional 33,648 B2 gaming machines, which are what the FOBT machines are classified as.

As far as income generated goes, it may surprise you to learn that the gaming machines brought in some £2.8 billion, which is £1billion more than the FOBT’s and B2 gaming machines which collectively brought is some £1.8billion.

The UK Gambling Commission does also license and regulate online gambling sites too, and that is also a growing market sector but one that is very strictly regulated, much like the land based gambling market sectors.

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