Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Boosting Casino Trade


The building of a sea bridge to link Zhuhai in Hong Kong with Macau was always going to be expensive; however as far as it being a financial gamble it was never going to be anything of the sort.

For anything that allows customers to get to Macau quickly, easily and without having to take a boat has to be embraced, and since the bridge opened back in October it has helped pull in the crowds to Macau.

It was quite a major project building that sea bridge, for in total it measures some 29.6 kilometres and now gives everybody planning on visiting Macau a much simpler option to get there by vehicle rather than by boat, which on a good day the latter could take up to one hour to complete the crossing.

It now takes around half that time to cross to Macau using the bridge, and local businesses are convinced they are already seeing a huge increase in income thanks to the Macau sea bridge.

Casino operators in Macau are also impressed with the increase in visitor numbers thanks to the sea bridge, for many of them had been predicting a downturn in visitor numbers due to the ongoing trade war between the U.S and China, but that downturn in visitor numbers and income doesn’t appear to have materialised. 

To be fair though, some casino operators in Macau are seeing a slight drop in income and visitor numbers, with Wynn Resorts saying that it had seen a notable slowdown in customers recently. However, the opposite is being stated by Las Vegas Sands that operates several casinos in Macau as they have said they are optimistic and that trade is robust at their properties.

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