Is Double Exposure Blackjack a Game Worth Playing?

Double Exposure Blackjack

Let’s face a few facts, there are lots of different Blackjack game variants you can play online these days, and just as many that can be accessed via a mobile phone.

However, when playing in either of those two environments, you are always going to have a much bigger selection of Blackjack game variants than you would ever find on offer at a land based casino!

Some Blackjack games will be appealing for a range of different reasons, for example you could come across some variants offering bonus payouts, progressive jackpots and some games come with unique and interesting game play rules that do strike a chord with players and make them games players will often make a beeline to play.

With that in mind what I want to introduce you to a Blackjack game variant that you are going to see being made available to you at no end of casino sites, and that game is known as Double Exposure Blackjack.

What you are certainly going to find unique about that game is that whilst all players playing cards are dealt out facing upwards, all of the dealers cards are also dealt facing upwards too.

As such as soon as you have placed your stakes onto the table and the initial set of playing cards are dealt out to you and the dealer, you will also known what cards the dealer has in his hand, so you can base your game play decisions on those cards instead of trying to predict what cards the dealer is holding!

Rules of Double Exposure Blackjack

I should point on that there are a number of different versions of Double Exposure Blackjack games you will come across when playing online, and one variant I do know many players do enjoy playing is the one available from Microgaming.

As such I will be giving you an insight into the playing rules associated with their variant, in the remainder of this Double Exposure Blackjack playing guide, for it is a very commonly found game and many casinos, both instant play and fully downloadable casinos and even mobile casino sites will have that variant on offer to you.

The game uses a deck which contains 8 full decks of playing cards, but as is always the case with Microgaming card games, the entire cyber shoe of cards are always going to get fully shuffled before a new game begins, so you are not able to count cards when playing that variant online, due to the continuous shuffled performed!

You are going to see the dealer hit any soft 17 hand or any hand with a lower value than a soft 17, and you as a player are able to double down when having been dealt out a hand worth 9, 10 or 11 too.

A player can also double after splitting any pair and can play in total up to four hands per single game having split any hands.

Other Facts and Figures about Double Exposure Blackjack

The actual payouts are going to be very different when you choose to play the Microgaming designed Double Exposure Blackjack game, for there is no 3/2 payout for a winning players Blackjack hand.

As such if you do get dealt out a Blackjack hand that wins you are going to receive an even money payout, which is of course the same valued winning payout when you are dealt out any value of winning hand.

However, one interesting aspect of playing this particular variant is that you are going to find that when you have a Blackjack hand and the dealer does too, it will be your hand that is deemed to be the winner and as such in such circumstances the game does not end in a push when player and dealer have a Blackjack!

Whilst you are going to find this Blackjack game variant a fun one to play and one that will of course call for a completely different type of playing strategy, due in no small part to you always being able to see the cards the dealer is holding, there is something of a disappointing house edge attached to that game.

If you do manage to learn the optimal playing strategy then you will find the house edge can be lowered right down to just 0.79%, which is certainly lower than most if not all other card games, but not as low as many other Blackjack game variants, so do keep that in mind!

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