Is it Time to Demolish the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino?

Measuring passing time

Having stood empty since its doors slammed shut for the final time back in 2014, the once impressive looking Trump Plaza Casino and Resort in Atlantic City is now beginning to look abandoned and unloved.

If fact, there is talk of having the entire property demolished, and that is the dream of the Mayor Marty Small who, along with many local business men and women want to see the eyesore as they call it knocked down and the land it sits on redeveloped, and in their eyes the sooner that happens the better.

It was of course one of many properties in the U.S.A. that had paid the current President, Donald Trump to have his name emblazoned across the venue, however not happy with seeing his name being used on an empty property he set about suing the owning company to get his name removed not long after it closed.

The current owner Carl Icahn is of course hoping that someone will want to buy that shuttered property and for much more than he paid for it, however with no sign of a buyer and the building in urgent need of a revamp, something does needs to give, and knocking it down is possibly the way ahead.

Icahn did however offer to have the building demolished a couple of years ago, however his application to have the state pay for its demolition was rejected, and as such the building has stood there ever since much to the displeasure of the Mayor.

Small however has said that one of his main goals for Atlantic City this year will be to get the building knocked down once and for all, and he intends to do everything in his power to make that happen.

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