Jack Casino Customer Awarded $3 Million in Damages

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The cleaners at any casino face something of an uphill task these days, ensuring that both the gaming floors and lobby of the casino they work at are kept spotlessly clean, and that their cleaning equipment is kept away from visitors of that property, too.

Over the years, many visitors to such a venue have had an accident, with slips and falls often being the most common ones, and if a cleaner has caused that accident in any way, then it is the casino that is liable for that accident and it can cost them dear.

Over in Cincinnati, for example, one customer slipped and fell over a wet floor sign, that had been placed in an area of the casino that had just been mopped. However, that sign had fallen over and wasn’t noticed by that unfortunate soul.

Where there’s blame there’s a claim, is the motto of many lawyers, and that customer of Jack Casino proceeded to sue the casino, and then followed a long and drawn out court case to determine if the casino was liable.

Whilst the accident took place back in 2016, it is only now that a jury has decided that the casino was liable for the accident, for CCTV footage of the area of the casino had shown that the sign had fallen over, and minutes before the customer slipped on that sign, an employee had walked past it and hadn’t bother to pick it up and display it as it should be displayed, that being standing up not lying down.

The casino operator was found guilty of failing to use ordinary care to protect that customer and as such a Judge awarded her a whopping $3million in damages and compensation for her accident.

What did seal the fate for the casino, was that they also had no policy in place for inspecting recently cleaned floors and no fall or prevention system was in place at the casino either.

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