King of Gambling Stanley Ho Passes Away

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Some sad news to report today, that being Stanley Ho has died. Having been at the forefront of land-based gambling in Asia for many decades, he was often the face of gambling in that region of the world and was best known for making Macau the central hub of land-based gaming.

He certainly did have a good innings though, for he was 98 when he passed away and over the years he amassed great wealth and was one of Asia’s richest men, thanks in no small part of his vast and ever expanding gaming empire.

His company, SJM Holdings is valued at some $6 billion, and whilst he was involved in the gambling industry for a huge number of years, the one piece of advise that he was always prepared to pass onto his huge family and friends, the latter of which he had aa huge army of, was to never gamble.

It was way back in 1960 that he secured the monopoly for gambling in Macau and used that government issued licence to its best advantage, and his empire continued to grow from that year forward. He did however retire only recently, that being in 2018.

Currently some 20 land-based casinos in Macau are under the control and operated by SJM Holdings. As for his personal life, well it is known he did have four wives, and he has some 17 children at least too.

However, he did have a legal battle back in 2012 with his family and was forced to have to restructure his business due in no small part to that battle. He will of course be sadly missed by his family and many friends.

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