Last Call for FOBT Players

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Citizens of the UK had been expecting to leave the EU on Friday the 29th of March 2019, however with that day now just a few days away, and with the government being in utter disarray, the date for leaving has been extended, and the way things are going they may never leave the EU at all. In the process they would also avoid being the first country in history to impose economic sanctions upon themselves.

However, one thing that is still going ahead at the end of this month is the reduction in the stake values on bookmakers FOBT machines. Coupled with the madness of Brexit that is an event that is probably going to slip journalists attention.

But there are expected to be thousands of job losses in the bookmaking industry once those stake level reductions are adopted, and many betting shops across the UK are expected to close, due solely to the loss of income from those gaming machines.

There is no going back on that decision and as such from April the 1st of 2019 the maximum amount punters are going to be able to wager every 20 seconds or so when playing a FOBT is just £2.

It is, however, expected from April onwards there is going to be a very large scale push to get those one time FOBT players playing online, and they will be offered all manner of incentives to sign up to online and mobile casino sites, were strangely the exact same type of FOBT games are on offer, and they can in fact be played for much higher stakes that the bookie based FOBT’s once offered.

Therefore, if you are a player of FOBT machines do be on the lookout for those online and mobile casino promotional offers and added incentives, as they could see you bagging some very large bonuses to play your favourite casino games.

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