Linq Casino Now Offers New Gaming Experience

Friends in Casino on a slot machine

It is a gamble that the owners of the Linq Casino over in Las Vegas hope will pay off, for those owners, that being Caesars Entertainment have spent a small fortune revamping the gaming floor at the Linq in such a way that they are hoping the property will attract a much younger demographic of player.

That new gaming area opened on Friday of last week, and visitors to the casino were able to give some of the brand new hologram games a try, along with them being able to play a range of virtual reality games and bet on a wide and very varied range of esports too.

For those gamblers that much prefer playing the more classic casino styled games, well they are still available over at the Linq, however, it is those brand-new games that Caesars are hoping will turn the fortunes of the casino around, and see the cash rolling in.

Some of the hologram games that visitors to the venue did appear to find appealing, looking at the queues that formed to play them, were games such as tic-tac-toe, rock-paper-scissors and a rather bizarre looking balloon popping game.

As players of those new games will also be able to take pictures and post them up to their social media accounts from machines based in the casino, the Linq is also hoping to get lots of free publicity too of their new gaming area.

It is, of course, a risk when a casino does dedicate a large amount of its gaming floor space to brand new un-tried and un-tested casino games, however it could work out to be financially beneficial for the casino now they do offer those games if they do of course pull in the crowds.

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