Locals Eager for Danville Casino to be Given Green Light

green light

There is something of an air of excitement over in Danville, for the City Council have just voted in a resolution that could possibly see a huge casino resort being built in the city, and one that on all accounts could turn around the fortunes for that part of Virginia, too.

It was, however, probably not that difficult a decision to make for the councillors who voted yes to pass the resolution, for it has been suggested that around 7000 new jobs would be forthcoming once the casino resort is opened, and salaries on average of $46,000 would be on offer to employees of that casino.

There are, of course, several additional legal routes that the company behind the casino proposal now have to negotiate to get the green light and go ahead to break ground and start to build that casino resort.

The first of which is that their new casino proposal would now need to be discussed via the General Assembly in Richmond, and then a local referendum of residents would have to take place to determine ultimately if it can go ahead as planned.

The latter should not pose any problems however, for the majority of people living in and around Danville are eager for the casino resort to be built and start trading. Although, as is to be expected, there are bound to be a number of people and organisations that may object to the casino resort being built.

The tax burden on local residents would also be reduced when and if the casino does start to trade and generate taxes, and that tax burden reduction has been estimated at a huge $20million, in fact the local economy could be boosted by up to $1billion in extra spending too if the casino resort is given the go ahead.

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