Most Popular Online Slots

Most Popular Online Slots

Slot players are going to have a ball as soon as they switch over to playing them online, however as you may not yet have done so allow me to present to you an overview just which categories and types of slots do tend to get the most attention from slot players.

As far as the most popular online slots with regards to basic playing ones go, is has to be the classic slots and some 3 reel slots that players are going to find themselves being drawn towards playing.

When playing such slots you have in the case of classic slots only one single pay line that needs activating, whilst the majority of 3 reel slots can offer 3 to 5 optional pay lines. However, those slots are mainly void of any form of bonus game or bonus feature.

That therefore results in them not only being basic playing yet popular slots, but players will be able to play off a huge number of spins in a very short space of time.

One special reel symbol that are often found on some high variance popular classic and 3 reel slots however are wild multiplier symbols. Those symbols can and do boost the values of winning pay-outs on any winning combinations that spin in and are formed with them.

In fact, some of the more recently launched online slots in this category will have wild multiplier symbols that get multiplier by their values when two of them spin in and have formed any winning combination, bar the jackpot paying one of course!

Bonus Game Awarding Video Slots

For something of a much more exciting and entertaining slot playing experience online, players are going to always want to get stuck into playing video slots, those are the slots that do not have the stepper like reels but instead use computer graphics and animations to present the reel symbols and their respective layouts.

The range of bonus games that can be triggered on such slots is enormous, as often are the number of pay lines that players can activate and put into live play.

The most popular types of video slot games online are those that are best famed for awarding their bonus games fairly regularly, and ones on which those bonus games can be very high paying ones too.

If you are interested in giving bonus game awarding video slots any amount of playing time then the actual bonus games that can be awarded include sets of free spins, those free spins can and often do these days have additional built in features such as wild reels as they are playing off and many of them can be re-triggered too when you are playing with then and could come with huge multipliers values also.

Other bonus games that you could enjoy triggering and playing off include pick and win and pick and match bonus games, or even bonus game son which you have to spin a bonus wheel to find out what you have won.

Popular Progressive Slots and Fruit Machines

Two other categories of slots that may just appeal to you are progressive slots and also fruit machines, the latter of which are played mainly by players in the UK and some other European countries too.

When playing a progressive slot you do have the chance of winning one or more than one progressive jackpot if you play such slots in the way they have been designed to award those jackpots, which in most instances is by you activating all pay lines and/or also playing for maximum stakes and coins too.

However, do be on the lookout for randomly awarded progressive jackpots which some online slots now offer for when playing them any spin played off, for any stake and any number of pay lines could be the spin that awards those jackpots totally and completely at random!

Fruit machines are often designed as three reel slots, and when playing them the one most appealing aspect to players is that they are famed for offering lots, and I do mean lots of different bonus games and bonus features.

In fact, some fruit machines are designed to offer a bonus game or bonus feature so regularly and frequently that you could get to play one off on virtually every spin you do play off!

Therefore for hours of slot spinning action, fun and entertainment it will be worth you tracking down and playing those types of slots sooner rather than later, so make sure you do so is my advice!

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