NetEnt Remove Street Fighter 2 Slot From All Casino Sites

sf2 slot

The release of the Street Fighter 2 slot was highly anticipated and upon release it actually came in for quite a hammering from users, with reports that it was basically confusing as hell to understand what was actually going on.

Having played the slot myself i can confirm that it is almost certainly the most confusing setup I’ve ever come across from any slot machine and it did take quite some time to get my head around. One youtube comment read;

If anybody out there knows wtf is going on with that game please apply for the post of neo physicist at your local job centre.”

Whilst yet another stated;

I don’t understand this game and I don’t like watching it
I noticed that it had disappeared from the site i was playing it at as i had been interrupted just before finally achieving the bonus round. Coming back to play a few hours later it had disappeared from the site with no explanation as to why, only that support were “looking into it”. Infuriatingly the certain casino refused to return my stake as i hadn’t played the bonus out immediately. 
Looking into things further and we can see that there has been a leaked email from NetEnt in which they express concerns over how players staking behaviour could impact the gameplay. The game will likely be available to play soon once they have ironed things out but personally I’ll be giving it a wide berth and it looks like many others will too, which is unfortunate as it’s a superb video game and just a shame the slot didn’t live up to expectations. 

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