New No Smoking Zone at the Graton Resort and Casino

No Smoking Zone Graton Casino

There are two things that many gamblers like to do in addition to gambling when visiting a land based casino, one of them is drinking alcohol and the other is smoking.

However, with more and more people now choosing to give up smoking and with there being plenty of non-smokers visiting such venues, the operators of land based casinos have something of a battle ensuring those gamblers who do not smoke or have recently given up, are not forced to inhale second hand smoke.

I have come across a small number of land based casinos on my travels that are completely smoke free venues, in fact in Europe it is illegal to smoke in any public place, but having said that in Vegas you can do virtually anything when visiting a casino, including smoking.

Over in Laughlin, Nevada for example I have stayed at the Aquarius Casino many times, and have always enjoyed myself there. However, one part of the casino, including the sportsbook, is a smoke free zone.

One casino that has now just launched its own fully enclosed gaming area in which slot and video poker players are not permitted to smoke, is at the Graton Resort and Casino, and with its own ventilation system and some 300 plus gaming machines located in that smoke free area of the casino it is proving to be very popular with players.

However, I doubt there will come time anytime soon when entire gaming floors in Vegas will become completely smoke free zones, for it is going to take a very brave yet forward thinking land based casino owner or operator that decides to ban smoking inside their respective venues, as that will alienate a fair amount of players, that may not be replaced by non-smokers!

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