New Norwegian Airlines Route UK to Vegas Proving Popular

passenger plane in the sky above the clouds.

It has always been the case up until recently, that if any UK resident wanted to fly out to Vegas they were faced with having to do so on one of the longer established long haul and much more expensive airlines, as long haul budget airlines to Vegas simply didn’t exist.

The savviest of travellers though, were aware that by travelling from the UK to places such as Norway, Denmark or even Sweden and then flying direct to Vegas from those countries they could save a small fortune in taxes and fees.

However, doing so would often entail long waiting times between flights and often an overnight stay in one of those countries to make the connection.

That has now fortunately changes thanks to the long haul flight specialist Norwegian Airlines, who have recently launched their direct flight from Gatwick Airport to Las Vegas, which takes approximately 10 hours.

The key to getting seats on those four times a week direct flights is to book well in advance, in fact by doing so the cost of the tickets can be tiny. Having been monitoring them for quite some time, flights for as little as £100 each way can be purchased several weeks in advance.

Obviously being a budget airline, passengers do have to know how to play the system to ensure that they are not going to be forced to pay all of the usual add-ons and additional fees and charges for food and drink on the flight and for additional luggage too.

What makes a Norwegian Airlines flight to Vegas a very enjoyable experience is that they fly the state of the art Dreamliners that offer passengers, of all classes, plenty of space and comfort. 

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