New Ruby Casino Queen Slot

ruby queen slot

There is a brand-new slot game now available at all online and mobile casino sites and apps that utilize the range of Microgaming supplied slots, for that slot game designer has just added the all singing and all dancing new Ruby Casino Queen slot to all of their gaming channels.

Being a video slot game, it goes without saying that the slot boasts all manner of unique sound effects and some amazing graphics and being a 20 pay-line slot, players are not going to have to play it for high stake amounts, unless of course they want to.

It comes with what is best described as a Regal type of theme, but unlike many other slots found at Microgaming casino sites, this one has been designed by a company called Just for the Win, whose slot games Microgaming has certainly taken something of a shine to recently.

Just for the Win slots are proving to be popular with players for not only do they come packed with bonus games and bonus features they also do tend to give players more play time, thanks to some above average long term expected pay-out percentages.

The slot itself offers a set of free spins, however it can also award players with re-spins, and to increase players winning chances and to help them form plenty of additional and extra winning combinations three unique wild symbols are also attached to the reels and can come into play at any time too.

Thanks to a set of sticky wild symbols that can boost winning pay-outs by up to 6 times their pay table listed pay-out amounts this is a slot many players really are going to enjoy playing, and it went live yesterday.

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