No Real Worries about Long Term Future of Macau

macau at night

It wasn’t that long ago in 2014 that Macau suffered a massive drop in income levels, in fact it lasted until 2016, but since then casino resorts based there have been showing a month on month increases in their gaming income.

However, it has just been reported that January in Macau was a bad month, in fact total income revenue figures suggest that the place as a whole saw a 5% drop in gambling income, and that has certainly spooked a few investors.

It isn’t an obvious sign of major problems ahead for Macau though, for many people are speculating it is simply a case of the gambling market place readjusting to the current financial climate in China, which many people have been aware is on something of a downward curve, due mainly to a trade war or threatened trade war with the U.S.

As Far as most casino resort CEO’s are concerned things are looking good for the foreseeable future, and whilst that trade war will probably affect the number of high rollers that visit Macau and leave huge fortunes behind, there will always be a steady stream of gamblers in the months and years ahead.

It is the overnight visitors to Macau that are the bread and butter of the gambling industry based there, and those people are not going to be too badly affected by the trade war and will always have cash in their pockets to gamble with.

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