Ocean Casino Resort Finally Making Money

happy businessman with heap of money

For such a large and impressive looking venue, the Ocean Casino Resort over in Atlantic City has sure had a chequered history, but sadly for all, in its very short trading life it has been making a loss, but this month will see the casino finally start making a profit.

Having changed ownership twice since it originally opened in 2012, people are having a difficult time trying to keep up with its name, for it was originally known as the Revel Casino, then after shutting down and being brought back to life by Bruce Deifik the property’s name was changed again to the Ocean Resort Casino, and now the new owner that being a New York based hedge fund has changed its name again, but ever so slightly to the Ocean Casino Resort.

It was the dream of Deifik to see the casino finally turn in a monthly profit, however, sadly that is something he is not able to do for tragically he was killed in a car crash last month.

The hedge fund that has purchased the venue is Luxor Capital, and having reduced the overall debt the casino owes, they have some impressive long-term plans for the property, which includes adding extra rooms and suites and also increasing the number of slot machines on its gaming floor by up to 200 hundred additional slot machines.

Industry experts are predicting a good solid future for the Ocean Casino Resort, and hopefully now under its new leadership and one that has the financial resources and outlook to drive its success forward, the venue will finally become the shining beacon it has always threatened to be in the not so now overcrowded Atlantic City casino scene.

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