Off Duty Casino Staff Face Casino Ban

Casino Ban Macau

It has often been the case that many casino employees will enjoy gambling, and when for example they are not dealing out the playing cards or spinning the roulette wheels in the casinos they work in, they will often visit other casinos and gamble at those venues.

That is certainly very true in places in such as Las Vegas, for I have lost count of the number of players I have spoken to playing all manner of different games who have told me they work for a casino somewhere in Nevada.

However, for those casino employees that work in land-based casinos in Macau, they look likely to face a ban if proposals just put forward are acted upon, and it will not only be dealers, pit bosses and slot technicians and attendants that face such a ban.

For that proposed ban which is currently being considered by the Legislative Assembly in Macau is also likely to extend to people who are employed by any of the many casino junket organisers too.

It has also been suggested that cleaners and bar staff that work for a casino could also face a ban from entering casinos when they are off duty, and the only possible reason why such a proposal has been put forward can be to protect those employees from any type of fraudulent activities or possibly to protect them from gambling beyond their means.

It does seem something of a bizarre proposal, for what someone does with their own spare time and money when they are working is nobody else’s business whatsoever, however it would appear that the powers that be in Macau are turning into nannies and aim to run the local area as something of a nanny state too.

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