Oxford in Maine Benefitting from Increase in Casino Revenue

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Towns and cities across America that have a land based casino operating within their boundaries often get a cut of the revenue generated from such venues, and that often much needed income is put to good use and really can help the local community as a whole.

Whilst there are always going to be some people who will object to such a venue being given the permission to open when planning applications are put forth, most such applications are granted based on the sheer volume of cash they can and will raise for local services.

Over in Oxford in Maine, the town benefits from a 2% cut of the gambling revenues generated from the Oxford Casino, and that 2% includes income from the slot machines and table games, and as such when the casino does well there is more cash given to the towns coffers.

Figures have just been released that give an indication of how much Oxford does benefit financially from the local casino, for in 2018 it received just short of $1.9million.

When broken down into both slot machine income and table game income, it probably will not surprise too many people to learn that the 928 slot machines at that casino generated the most income for the town, that being some $1.55million with the table games generating a modest $351,196 for the town.

That income is actually up on the previous year, for back in 2017 the 2% share given to the town was $1.72 million and that was broken down into $1.37 million from the slot machines and the table games generated $351,282 for the town.

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