Player Wins Six Jackpots at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

Slot machine showing jackpot word

They do say things tend to happen in threes, however when it comes to winning a progressive slot jackpot, well they usually come just once, and slot players do usually have to wait a very long time before they win one of them.

That wasn’t the case for one player, that being Lawrence Fuller, for he was all set for a slot playing session over at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Nevada on Sunday night and decided to give one of the aptly named Super Lucky Times Pay slots a try.

Twenty minutes into playing that slot machine his life was changed forever when he won the $888,585.03 progressive jackpot on that slot, which certainly got him off to a winning start.

However, being something of an intrepid slot player he continued to play that slot, and some 8 hours later he won another $2,770, which was followed by another jackpot 3 minutes later of some $1,590 and another jackpot worth some $1,850 16 minutes later, then another some 3 hours and 19 minutes later worth $1,310 and finally another jackpot some 17 minutes later, that one worth some $1,700.

The initial jackpot however had been growing in value for quite some time for it was over 12 years ago the Super Lucky Times Pay slot machine was wheeled out on their gaming floor, and he has been the first player to bag that progressive jackpot since it appeared which was seriously overdue.

The jackpot has a seed value of some $1000, and it does appear from the rate at which the subsequent jackpots were awarded to him, it has been catching up on paying out those jackpots in the hours after he initially won the first one.

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