Poker Rooms in Vegas in Terminal Decline

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The future looked promising during 2008 and 2009 for the poker scene over in Las Vegas, for the number of poker rooms was on an upward curve, and on any given day of the week poker players would have a huge choice as to where they could play poker on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond.

However, from 2010 onwards there has been a steady decline in poker rooms, with many casino operators throughout Nevada unable to make their respective poker room financially viable, and many of them have closed their poker rooms down.

In fact, even those poker rooms that are still pulling in the players are reducing the number of poker tables they offer their customers, with many casinos also only making them available at certain hours of the day or night.

As for just what the reasons are for the decline in the number of poker rooms and poker tables available in Las Vegas, well you must look at the increase in the number of online and mobile poker sites as for the reason.

Not everything, however, is going well for some online and mobile poker sites and apps, for even the once busy poker networks are beginning to feel the pinch, in fact one major poker network that being Microgaming have decided that after well over a decade of operation they are to close down their poker network in 2020.

That decision has led some poker site operators to make something of a mad scramble to find a new home and network for their poker sites and apps, but some gaming companies have also decided the time is right to also close down the poker sites they offer their customers.

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