Valley View Casino and Hotel Expansion and Slot Jackpot Winner


With not long left now until the Valley View Casino and Hotel open their new 43,000 square foot extension the casino owners were due to start the advertisement campaign.

However, it appears that Lady Luck has given them some free advertising, for as luck would have it, one of their customers has just won a massive slot jackpot, which many news media outlets are now reporting on.

The player, one Robert S, was playing what is now bound to be his all-time favourite slot machine, that being the IGT designed Wheel of Fortune Ultra-Wheels slot, when he won the progressive jackpot.

As such he has won an awe-inspiring $1.6million, which for a penny slot is some jackpot. Robert has said that he was convinced the jackpot was not real and he was waiting for the casino to contact him to tell him the machine had malfunctioned.

He has, however, been assured the jackpot is real and he is now a millionaire. No doubt all the free publicity the casino will be getting thanks to that players jackpot win is going to ensure everyone in an around California is now aware of the new expansion of the casino, and plenty of people will no doubt soon be visiting the casino in the hope of replicating Robert’s massive jackpot win.

As for just what he plans to use his new found fortune on, he has stated that he plans to invest it for his long-term future.

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