Proposals for New Casino Resort in Greece Revealed

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The debate about whether Greece would benefit from a new casino resort has been raging for quite some time, however yesterday Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment finally revealed to the general public their very detailed plans for that huge casino resort which is one that they are soon going to break ground on.

Opposition to that casino resort has been strong, which has repeatedly meant the development faced some very long delays, however things are now looking up, for GEK Terna have been chosen as the contractor that will be tasked with building that mega resort, and being a Greek company this has pacified many people who were of the mind an overseas company would get the contract to build it.

It does also appear that no expense is being spared on that casino resort, for a whopping €8billion has been set aside to build it, furnish it and then get it opened on time.

The chosen development site, if you are blissfully unaware, is on the derelict former Athens International Airport that has been something of an eyesore for quite some time now.

Having been granted a license to operate that soon to be built casino resort and with a license that gives them 30 full years to operate it too, Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment are hoping it will be a major money spinner for them, and the Greek Government are hoping it will revitalize their dwindling tourist market and will have visitors flocking to gamble there.

As for just what that casino resort will be offering gamblers, well the venue is going to be covering a huge 1.2 hectares and will have some 1200 slot machines on offer inside it along with 120 gaming tables too, so it is on par with some of the largest casinos in places such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

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