Second Casino Planned for Hancock County


Hancock County is not best known for being a place that offers gamblers a large range of land based casinos, for with just the Silver Slipper Casino being located there, gamblers do not have much choice with just one such venue, but that casino has always been a popular one and can get extremely busy at times.

That is probably one of the main reasons as to why one of the biggest land owners in the county has just put in a planning application for a brand new casino, that company being Cure Land Co. of Lakeshore.

The proposed site of that new casino is on the beachfront on a baron strip of land and it is around a couple of miles away from the Silver Slipper Casino.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission who will review and make a decision as to whether that application will go ahead will take a few months to decide but they do have some set in stone rules and regulations as to the design of any land based casino proposed.

Those include things such as having a gambling floor that covers at least 50,000 square foot, and also any new casino resorts must have a hotel that offers at least 300 rooms, and the property must also offer not only fine dining but must also boast some other amenity that is unique and will help the casino marketplace grow in the area, too.

The only stumbling block envisaged for Cure Land Co is that whilst the casino they are proposing will have a 300 room hotel attached to it, and will have a gaming floor on which they plan to have 22 table games and around 1100 slot and gaming machines, the area of that proposed gaming floor is just 40,000 square foot.

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