Single Zero Roulette Vanishing from Vegas Casinos


Roulette is a table game with a relatively low house edge, but only if players play the right variant. For some Roulette games have been designed in such a way that gamblers will be up against a very high house edge, and players do need to be aware of the different tables they will come across.

U.S based players will of course be very familiar with the double zero version of that game, which quite aptly is known as American Roulette, and in addition to the standard 36 individual numbers, from one through to thirty six there is both a single zero and double zero on the wheel and betting layout.

However, that is one of the worst games you can ever play in a casino, for the house edge is 5.27%, which is huge when compared to games such as Blackjack and Baccarat.

In places such as Vegas, it is always the casinos located in places such as the Downtown area and off the Strip that tend to offer the best paybacks on their games, and that is true when it comes to games such as Roulette.

Therefore what players should be on the lookout for are variants such as the European variant on which there is just one single zero in play on the wheel and betting layout, as the house edge on that game is just 2.70%.

Sadly for Vegas visitors there are not many casinos offering single zero Roulette, you will however find a small number of casinos on the Last Vegas Strip that have it on offer but only in their high limit rooms, and some off-Strip casinos will have it available too.

Most savvy players however are making the switch to playing Roulette at live online casinos, as by doing so they have a much wider selection of games, including the single zero variants.  

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