Slot Machine Dividers Coming to Las Vegas

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Many Las Vegas casinos are currently testing out a range of new products that will allow them to operate once again as soon as they are given the greenlight to open their doors, and many casino execs are hoping that will be no later than June of this year.

One company based in Vegas is already testing out a range of plastic yet quite sturdy slot machine dividers that are placed aside of each individual slot or gaming machine between any row or bank of slot machines to allow a form of see through screen that will hopefully protect players from Covid 19.

Some casinos are also urgently re-planning the layout of their gaming floors to allow more space between their gaming machines, and are also looking at ways that they can reduce the number of players they have sat around their gaming tables to allow for social distancing.

The plastic slot screen divers are of course a good idea for they will give some confidence to slot and gaming machine players, however much greater detail will also have to be given to the cleaning of slot machines, for many players are going to be wary about touching slot machine screens and buttons once Vegas is rebooted and springs back to life.

Some other ideas being banded about currently are heat sensors that customers of any Las Vegas based casino will need to pass through when entering a casino, and people staying at Las Vegas Casino resorts may also have to sign some type of disclaimer too, as no casino resort is going to want to be liable for any customer of theirs catching Covid 19 whilst staying at their property.

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