Slot Player Wins Massive Wheel of Fortune Slot Jackpot

Slot machine showing jackpot word

There is always going to be the risk of moviegoers getting side-tracked by the many slot machines available at the Aliante Casino when visiting that venue with the aim of visiting the properties huge cinema, and one player is currently celebrating getting side-tracked for sure.

That player is a chap called Clint, who decided to try his luck on a handful of slot machines whilst he waited for his movie to start, and one of the slot machines that he decided to get stuck into playing was the IGT designed Wheel of Fortune slot.

Now, the only way players have a chance of winning the jackpot on that slot is to play 5 coins per spin and being a 25-cent version of that slot each spin cost Clint a total of $1.25.

After having slipped a $20 note into the machine he then started clicking away on the spin button, and you can only imagine his surprise when he managed to line up the jackpot paying winning combination.

As soon as he did just that he must have been in awe looking at the jackpot meter and the message displayed on the slot machines screen, which stated that he had just won the life changing jackpot of a cool $935,176.

Clint lives in Nevada so he often does spend a little bit of time playing slot machines and also watching movies at the Aliante Casino, however it hasn’t been announced if he did manage to watch the film on the night he won that jackpot or whether he was otherwise too busy waiting for his jackpot to be confirmed and paid out to him.

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