Slow Drinks Service at Boston Harbor Casino Addressed

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When any new land-based casino opens, there are bound to be some teething problems, and that has certainly been the case with the Encore Casino that recently opened over in Everett.

Whilst most of those teething problems have gone unnoticed by visitors to the casino, one that sadly hasn’t is the amount of time that it has been taking for someone gambling away on the gaming floor ordering a drink to their drink finally being delivered to them.

Many customers of the Encore Casino have been complaining recently that it has taken around an hour from them ordering a drink from the cocktail waitresses until their drinks finally gets delivered to them on the gaming floor.

Whilst that is annoying for many gamblers, it does show just how busy and popular that new casino is, however a new system has just been approved by State Regulators yesterday that will see an amendment being put in place that allows for automated drinks dispensers to be installed.

Sadly though, by installing automated drinks dispensers at the Encore Casino will see some 40 bartenders losing their jobs, but the casino was quick to announce that some 30 of those bartenders have been offered alternative jobs with the remaining staff members being offered alternative jobs too.

It is now hoped that the average time customers will have to wait now from ordering a drink until it arrives will be dramatically reduced, but the downside of that system, certainly for the casino rather than its customers, is the amount the casino is going to have to spend giving away drinks as that will certainly be increased.

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