Smokers Welcome Once Again at the Mountaineer Casino and Racetrack

Mountaineer Casino And Racetrack

There has long been debate as to whether the general public at large are being nannied by the state, and when it comes to things such as smoking, many governments and regional authorities have put into place all manner of weird and wonderful laws, to ensure smoking is deemed to be illegal in most public places and spaces.

This has had the knock on effect of reducing the income generated by all manner of different gambling venues, such as Bingo Halls and Bingo Clubs in the UK, and also at land based casinos all over the globe too, for many people enjoy smoking when gambling, and if they are not allowed to they will then vote with their feet.

However, it is fairly rare of any government agency to backtrack on a decision to ban smoking in public spaces and places, however, that is something that has just happened.

The Mountaineer Casino & Racetrack has seen a downturn in income being generated from their venue since the Hancock County Board of Health declared smoking at that venue illegal, and that in turn meant the county commission who also gets a share of that income, receiving less revenue.

With that in mind it was decided by the powers that be that smoking would now once again be legalized in that venue, and as such smokers are now welcome through the doors once again. It is hoped they will help increase the dwindling revenue generated there.

The decison may have come as a shock for many as it is extremely rare for any health board or government agency choosing to ban smoking in a venue to then quickly repeal the law, however that does mean if you do enjoy smoking and fancy gambling too, you will be able to do both of those things once again at the Mountaineer Casino & Racetrack.

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